New maintenance release RM Bridge Advanced+ V8i v08.11.28.02 published

The maintenance version of RM Bridge Advanced+ V8i v08.11.28.02 was published.

The new product line RM Bridge V8i v08.11 replaces the RM Bridge Professional v08.10 product line and requires the new SELECT Licensing.
You need at least the new SELECT license of the RM Bridge or/and the RM Bridge Advanced SELECT product.

RM Bridge Advanced+ v08.11.28.02 is a maintenance release for v08.11.18.01

We recommend using it as your new production release.
It fixes various issues and adds new functionalities to the previous release v08.11.18.01:

  • New Lane Macros
  • New RM-Set Macros
  • New Pushover analysis
  • New Hydrodynamic Features
  • New Super T-Beam Wizard
  • New 3D Element Selectionavailable
  • Faster Calculation up to 70%
  • New Postprocessing Tool RM Bridge View or simply RMView

    RM Bridge View is a new result viewer module based on the MicroStation V8iPower Platform.

    It is an optional Add-On for the RM Bridge Advanced product.
    Please install it only, if you want to use the RM Bridge Advanced product!

    Typically you will access RMView in the RM Bridge Advanced main navigation tree.
    The external tool RM Bridge View will be started, then model and results will be displayed.

For more information see:

Use the download link of Product ReadMe link below to read the Release Notes and News:
Due that the ReadMe is stored in the zip archive, download and save the zip file first. Afterwards open the ReadME.chm inside of the zip archive!