New Post-Processing tool RM Bridge View is available for RM Bridge Advanced

RM Bridge View is a new post-processing structure and results viewer module based on the MicroStation V8i Power Platform.

It is an optional Add-On for the RM Bridge Advanced product.
Please install it only, if you want to use the RM Bridge Advanced product and have a license for it!

The standalone application allows:

  • Graphical display of structure and its beam results (colored surface, diagrams and deflected structure).
  • Independent DGN post processing database which can be shared without RM database.
  • Browsing of results during RM calculation.
  • Usage of up to 8 views in parallel
  • See more in video (in the bottom of the blog)

Typically you will access RMView in the RM Bridge Advanced main navigation tree. The external tool RM Bridge View will be started and the model and the results will be displayed.

RM Bridge View is licensed via the SELECT license. It's a child of the RM Bridge Advanced product. You will get automatically as many licenses of RM Bridge View as you own RM Bridge Advanced licenses. It has an own product id and usage logging.

See also:

Please download the attached zipped video file (10MB) , extract it and watch the video!