New Release: LEAP Bridge V8i (SELECT series 2) v10.00.01.20 - Coming Soon ...

LEAP Bridge v8i (SELECTseries 2) v10.00.01 is a new release which incorporates numerous enhancements. 

LEAP Bridge v10.00.01


  • ABC Wizard now allows users to model T beam bridges, reinforced or post-tensioned.
  • ProjectWise integration is now available directly from within LEAP Bridge. Open, Save and Update files directly from ProjectWise repositories. .
  • Specify or edit bearing and beam seat (/pedestals) dimensions and location directly within LEAP Bridge.
  • Specify span details such as bearing line offsets and girder clearances at each support in ABC Wizard.
  • Optionally specify pier locations by station numbers and program computes span lengths. .
  • Edit Roadway Elements such as alignment, profile and cross-section directly in LEAP Bridge.
  • Create, save, edit and re-use ABC Data using the ABC datasets dialog.
  • Descriptive labels have been added to the allowable stress input boxes in the Design Parameters dialog box for clarity. .
  • ABC Wizard now allows you to define struts for piers.
  • Multiple instances of LEAP Bridge can be now be launched on the same machine.
  • Adjust list of bridge objects and watch construction animation sequence.
  • Export LEAP Bridge 3D model directly and accurately to DGN, including layers.
  • Exports elements in groups (girders, bearings etc.) .
  • Measure dimensions in LEAP Bridge 3D view.
  • Customize the printout header with your company information and logo.
  • Enhanced 2D views show more detail and dimensions.
  • Users can specify rectangular drilled shaft and both 2D and 3D displays are updated
  • Curb and barriers are now shown in 3D and 2D views.
  • 3D image shows Horizontal shear and extension of bars into deck.
  • Custom shapes from library are drawn in 3D and 2D views.
  • Easily define Tapered pier cap in ABC Wizard.
  • Specify Eccentricity of Footing under Abutment.
  • ABC Wizard allows input of either skew or bearing angle of piers.
  • Shear reinforcement/lateral ties or spirals in Columns now shown in 3D.
Superstructure Module:CONSPAN v 10.00.01



  • ProjectWise integration is now available directly from within CONSPAN. Open, Save and Update files directly from ProjectWise repositories.
  • Updates per the 2010 AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications.
  • New module to check lateral beam stability during lifting and transportation.
  • Integrated design status window in strand pattern dialog for increased efficiency.
  • Reduced data file sizes.
  • Improved auto-design strand pattern routines.
  • Schematic representation of live load configuration in library has been added.
  • Option to customize company name and logo in report(output) headers.
  • Specify Rebar in beam, and optionally consider its contribution in Moment Capacity.
  • Report on estimated quantities per Beam including concrete, strands, and stirrups.
  • LRFD classification of beam type for live load distribution factor computation is now printed.
  • Horizontal Shear: Option to specify stirrups extending into deck and auto-design option to specify contact width for horizontal/interface shear have been added.
  • Dead load Wizard: Now allows users to input additional load values directly into the grid.        
  • New check for dimensions as per LRFD is now part of report.
  • NEXT beams (NEXT D type) now available in library.
  • A GUI enhancement made on the beam tab, allows users to double click any beam to bring up the strand pattern dialog. All beams with a strand pattern defined are marked by a blue dot.
  • CONSPAN is now updated to work with Virtis/Opis v6.2.
  • Updated to Florida DOT SDG 2010. Also, new beam sections FIB84 and FIB96 have been added to the library.

Superstructure Module: CONBOX v 10.00.01


  • ProjectWise integration is now available directly from within CONBOX. Open, Save and Update files directly from ProjectWise repositories.
  • Reactions can now be automatically transferred to RC-PIER within LEAP Bridge Suite .
  • Bearings are assumed to be located under each web/girder for the box and T-beam bridges or at 12 in (300 mm) o.c. for slab bridges. The reactions are equally distributed among all bearings.
  • Users can define crash barriers, sidewalks/footpaths, pedestrian railing, and wearing surface. The loads are automatically generated and added to the Loads treses under the Loads/Analysis tab
  • A report on material quantities of concrete, mild steel, and post-tensioning tendon has been added. .
  • Numbering for the girders/beams has been added for clarity.
  • Right-click option allows users to add a specific load to all load combinations. Duplicates of a specific load are not allowed in any load combination.
  • Descriptive labels have been added to the allowable stress input boxes in the Design Parameters dialog box for clarity. .
  • The design summary shown under the Design Tab and the Load Combination dialog boxes have been enhanced with additional details for clarity.
  • Headers and Footers for the reports are updated to accommodate long file names.
  • To reduce confusion, Stresses and Displacements Reports for the Ultimate/Strength Limit States have been eliminated. .

Substructure Module: RC-PIER v 10.00.01


  • ProjectWise integration is now available directly from within RC-PIER. Open, Save and Update files directly from ProjectWise repositories.
  • All loads acting on the piers and abutments are now shown graphically in the 3D view.
  • The limit on the number of iterations for P-Delta analysis has been increased to 30.
  • Pile cap abutments can now be analyzed continuous beams
  • A customizable reinforcement library now is added.
  • Program now allows users to exclude torsion from shear and torsion design check.
  • Footing definition is now brought in geometry tab, for convenience.
  • Footing design can now be specified to be based on the forces acting at the bottom of the footing. Previously only the forces at the top of the footing were considered.
  • The footing tab is completely redesigned for clarity. Now, the footing design status is instantly updated as users modify footing reinforcement.
  • A new footing tab allows users to define additional loads such as dead load, soil surcharge etc on the footing. These loads are in addition to the loads transferred from columns.
  • In the previous version, lateral resistance was only based on the horizontal component of the axial force in the battered pile. Now, the users can specify direct lateral resistance for the individual pile. Thus, total lateral resistance of one pile is now equal to direct later resistance plus the horizontal component derived from the batter, if any. A consolidated “Lateral Resistance Computation” report is added. This report shows the total lateral load on the footing and the total lateral resistance of all piles in the footing. The report is generated for both maximum and minimum governing load combinations.
  • The bearing definition is now directly read from LEAP Bridge database for prestressed girders (CONSPAN) and for boxes, T-beams, and slabs (CONBOX).
  • Concrete and reinforcement material quantity report has been added.
  • 2D views now display drilled shafts.
  • The A/D Parameters dialog box has been re-designed as a tabbed interface for clarity.

Geometry Module: GEOMATH v 10.00.01


  • Bearing offset can be defined in abutment properties.
  • Now, bearings are included in the Box bridge definition.
  • Numerous enhancements are done related to LEAP Bridge integration improvements.

  • Mike, have you tried recording an ISS to create a silent install? We did so and it deploys silently without issue:

    Just go to a DOS prompt, change to the install folder and key-in: setup -r

    The ISS file will be recorded and dumped in C:\Windows, the file will be called Setup.iss

    From there use the following in a CMD file:

    "C:\Bentley\LEAP\PreCast\10000120\setup.exe" -s -f1"C:\Bentley\LEAP\PreCast\10000120\setup.iss" -f2%TEMP%\LEAPBridge.LOG

    If you are running 32/64 bit systems you'll have to record a separate ISS file for each (or copy the original and modify the install path). We do a bit check in a CMD file to determine which ISS to load...

    You can build an uninstall using the same method...

  • We are still in need of a way to silently deploy Leap software. THis has been requested in the past and has not been addressed. Please help in this matter.