New Update LARS Bridge v5.00.05.01 *** now available

  • LARS Bridge v5.00.05.01 issues fixed
  • Live load distribution factors were changing for all member when only one was changed
  • The Bridge ID didn’t save more than 6 characters
  • Modified live load distribution factors weren’t saved
  • Corrected any issue Single floor beam distribution factor when using MODOT’s multiple/single LLDF enhancemenr
  • No production releases for version v5.00.02.00,  v5.00.03.00, v5.00.04.00
  • Multiple presence factor for live loads is not applied in LARS at this time
  • Blanks in Structure ID will be converted to “_”
  • Correction for default date when new structures are input
  • Added a new member description for all members.  This field is available for both flexural and truss members.  However, this field is ONLY displayed in LARS Bridge and not reported at this time.  This field will be reported in a future release.


  • Changed “% of Allowable Stress” to “% of Yield Stress (ASD) for clarification 


  • Changed “Curb Dist to “Edge Dist” and added unit - inches       


  • Changes for all modules:
    • Corrected interpolation inconsistencies when exact checkpoints were located near supports
    • Corrected issues with incorrect dead load moment and shear values when concentrated loads were used in conjunction with Stage I non composite dead loads
    • Corrected issues where the same data had different results when run two times in a row
    • Corrected tabular report display for superimposed dead load shear
    • Corrected an issue where LRFR gamma factors on the LRFR – General customization tab weren’t saved
    • Corrected an issue where Stage I dead load wasn’t correctly computed if the loading included superimposed dead loads.



  • LARS now computes shear rating for all floorbeam default checkpoints (exact checkpoint option isn’t available at this time)
  • Floorbeam spacing entered on “Member Information” dialog is used for LRFR floorbeams too
  • Corrected an issue where the floorbeam dead was incorrectly computed when member had more than one section
  • See floorbeam analysis document for details on how LARS computes floorbeam live loads
  • Floorbeam influence line ordinates are displayed at tenth points of the member to enhance the live load computations



  • Changed prestressed concrete customization option “Use elastic, ultimate moment and low tendon…”to say “inventory” instead of “operating”. 


  • Corrected the computation of the negative moment resistance to be based on reinforced concrete only
  • Correct LRFR computation of “c” for flanged sections
  • Corrected an issue for LRFR analysis when the input loss option was used
  • Corrected an issue computing the location of additional LRFR analysis checkpoint from the face of the right support
  • Changed simplified shear resistance computation to use LRFD factored moment and shear values when computing maximum moment and shear



  • Added logic for LRFR cases when flange unbraced stress exceeds the nominal resistance of the flange
  • Corrected an issue for LFD Mu Pier values when running several bridges in a row



  • LRFR shear tabular report displayed positive and negative shear in the wrong columns for all material types
  • Corrected an issue where LRFR service gamma factors were incorrectly displayed as zero