New Update LARS Bridge v5.00.06.06 available on SELECT Server

LARS Bridge General Enhancements and Fixes

  • LLDF Cross-Section Description dialog now applies to each member instead of each bridge.   This will allow a User to define different beam spacing and roadway width for each member.  There is no visible change in LARS Bridge for this enhancement.   Any existing files with data in the LLDF Cross Section Description dialog  should be saved in LARS Bridge v5.00.06.06 so that LARS Bridge will convert the dialog data from a per structure basis to per member basis.  Save the file by either using the save icon from the toolbar as shown below.                


             Or by using FileèSavefrom the File menu as shown below.


  • Enhanced Tabular Summary report to output rating factor for LRFR.  Legal load rating factors are also output in this reports
  • Adjusted tonnage for HL93 as follows: 36 tons when HS20 governs, 25 tons when tandem governs, 40 tons when truck train controls
  • Add skew angle to LLDF Cross- Section Description dialog to compute skew correction factor and apply it during the LRFD LLDF computation


  • Adjusted Open Grid Steel Deck on Steel Beam LRFD LLDF computation.
  •  Floorbeam analysis:  Improved symmetry computation for symmetrical cantilevered floorbeams, Resolved crash issue when running posting/legal loads, Improved LRFD single lane analysis
  •  Added  LRFD impact factor override on the General Member Information dialog.  This override will apply to all vehicle and all LRFD limit states.

 LARS Bridge Steel/Composite Steel and Concrete

  • Compute plastic moment capacity for  non-composite SS structures
  • Improved riveted plate girder analysis to accept girders with very thick webs

 LARS Bridge Prestressed Concrete/Composite Prestressed Concrete

  • Compute  when minimum shear reinforcement requirement isn’t met
  • Change PSC customization to use a customized value input for .  The new value will be displayed in the flexural member reports, but the heading will not change.

LARS Bridge Release Notes

     LARS Bridge Release Notes are delivered with the new release in the C:\BKey\Docs folder


LARS Bridge Tutorials

     LARS Bridge Tutorials are delivered with the new release in the C:|BKey\Training folder


            The tutorials are described in the Contents_Training_Material_doc.