New Update LARS Bridge v5.00.06.08 available on SELECT Server

LARS Bridge General Enhancements and Fixes

  • Critical bug fix for floor beam live loading.  The issue occurred only when the default edge distance was 18” and the Description è General Bridge Information è Edge Dist. was set to 24”
  • Compute impact factors at exact checkpoints.  This value was not previously computed.
  • Critical fix Floor beam
  • Critical bug fix for LRFD lane load which was reduced by 50%.
  • Critical bug fix for when 10 trucks were selected for any rating in the Analysis è Live Load Vehiclesdialog.

Prestressed Concrete

  • Added New Jersey standard sections to the prestressed concrete standard section library.  Expansion of the standard section library for addition of section from any State.

Structural Steel

  • Bug fix for longitudinal stiffener test for ASD/LFD


  • Removed misleading error for trusses which did not affect rating analysis