Release Announcement: RM Bridge CE V11 Update 10 and RM Bridge CE V11 Update 8 Maintenance Release 2

RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V11 Update 10 (V11.10.00.XXX) contains the following enhancements and error corrections:

  1. BIM Workflow: Improve Model Transfer from OpenBridge Modeler (OBM)
  2. New Wizard for Rail Structure Interaction
  3. Enhancements in GUI:
    • Display Modeler Axis Orientation
    • New option for Ascending/descending Tendons in Modeler
    • New Options for Substructure, Cable-Stayed, and Rail-Structure Wizards
    • Updated Display Load Options in The Main Window
  4. Error Corrections

Note: All enhancements are available in OpenBridge Designer (OBD) CE V10.09.00.10, and error corrections are available in RM Bridge standalone download (V11.08.02. 04).

ReleaseNotes-RM Bridge V11 Update10-Nov2020.pdf