Release Announcement: RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V11 Update 8 (V11.08.00.29)

We are pleased to announce the release of RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V11 Update 8 (V11.08.00.29), which is now available on Bentley’s Software Fulfillment Center. This release includes the following features to enhance BIM workflow, user experience, and product performance:

  1. BIM Workflow: Read Concrete Diaphragms from OpenBridge Modeler (OBM)
  2. External Tendons in Modeler
  3. Indian Code Update per IRC 2017
  4. TrackSup Action for Summation Loads During Schedule Stages
  5. New Texas Girders in Modeler Cross-section Library
  6. Enhancements in GUI
  7. Error Corrections

Attached PDF file describes the detailed list.