RM Bridge CONNECT Edition now available on Select

The new version of RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V10 Update 1 - v10.01.00.02 has been released.

It is part of the new Bentley CONNECT Edition branded generation of products and supports the Bentley CONNECT features like online services and project support capabilities.

The new product generation RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V10 replaces the RM Bridge V8i V08.11 generation.
Both generations require the new SELECT licenses. You need at least the new SELECT license of the RM Bridge or/and the RM Bridge Advanced SELECT product.

RM Bridge CONNECT Edition v10.01.00.02 fixes various issues and adds new functionalities such as:

  • One step graphically supported pier definition
  • RM Bridge Cast incorporated in RM Bridge Advanced
  • RM Bridge View new functions
    • Graphical presentation of the design check results
    • 3D Live Load Visualization
    • 2D Diagrams
    • Tables

  • Bentley OpenRoads and Open Bridge Modeler import functions
  • Improved Steel design codes for Canadian Code HDBCS, American Code LRFD 7th edition and Indian Code IRC
  • Improved Pushover Design
  • Improved Response spectrum with selective Eigen-Mode superposition

The installation system was changed from side by side installation to generational updates:

  • Any existing version of the same product generation (e.g. RM Bridge CONNECT Edition v10.00.00.02) will be replaced by the new product update.
  • Installations of products from older generations like e.g. RM Bridge Advanced+ V8i v08.11.28.02 will stay untouched.
  • This allows to publish updates and fixes easily and to reduce maintenance time.

For more information see:

Use the download link of Product ReadMe link below to read the Release Notes and News:
Due to the ReadMe being stored in a zip archive, download and save the zip file first. Afterwards open the ReadMe.chm inside the zip archive!