Using Animation Tools in MicroStation to simulate Bridge Construction Sequence

A brief overview of how the full bridge 3D model from LEAP Bridge can be further repurposed for construction simulation using MicroStation.

First create a simple bridge model using the ABC Wizard in LEAP Bridge Enterprise (LBE). As soon as you click on finish on step 3 of ABC Wizard, the geometry tab in LBE displays the full 3D model of the bridge. Right mouse click in this view and select the option to export this model to MicroStation native file format, i.e. dgn. This exported model is an intelligent model with every element tagged with appropriate information, grouped by category in appropriate Layers, and accurately located in the context of civil reference (alignment, ground, Northing/Easting). Open this model in MS and explore the Model properties in Project Explorer to see the components as shown in the  figures 1 and 2 below.



Figure 1: 3D Bridge Model


Figure 2: Model View in MicroStation

Next go to the Tools menu and click on Animation and open as a tool box. Click the first icon here to bring up the Animation Settings shown below in Figure 3. Clicking
the first icon here brings up the Animation producer as shown in Figure 4. Create the schedule by grouping the elements into tasks with specific start and finish times as shown in Figure 5. You can then preview the Animation by clicking on the second icon in the Animation Settings Task bar. Simply click the Play button to see construction sequence per your schedule.

Figure 3. Animation Menus


Figure 4. Animation Producer


Figure 5. Animator Preview