What's New in LEAP Bridge Steel CE V20?

LEAP Bridge Steel CONNECT Edition V20 is now available to all users on Bentley Software Downloads. This update release contains enhancements and bug fixes. The enhancements are summarized below.

  • Interoperability to read functional components from OpenBridge Modeler
    This enhancement offers the ability of modeling and designing steel bridges with complex substructure using the functional components under OpenBridge Designer’s BIM workflow.
  • Interoperability to read new substructure alignment from OBM
    This enhancement offers the capability to read new substructure alignment options in OpenBridge Modeler under the OpenBridge Designer’s BIM workflow.
  • Live load deflection check per AASHTO LRFD
    This enhancement offers the optional live load deflection design check per AASHTO LRFD (Art
  • Quantity report of main girders for steel tub girder bridges

For the detailed release notes, please see the attached PDF file.