What’s New in LEAP Bridge Steel CONNECT Edition V17 Update 1? (November 03, 2017)

LEAP Bridge Steel CONNECT Edition V17 Update 1 contains enhancements and bug fixes.

The following enhancements and bug fixes are available in this release.

Major Enhancements

  • Centrifugal Force Application

The effects of centrifugal force and cross-section superelevation on wheel loads are introduced in live load calculations when the bridge is on a curved alignment.

  • Travelway Definition

This feature is intended to locate the live load lanes within certain limits on the bridge deck. Therefore, conservative analysis/design results for exterior girders may be   prevented by the user modeling bridges with parapets, medians, sidewalks, etc.

  • 64-Bit LEAP Bridge Steel

64-Bit application provides faster analysis as well as superior capability of handling large/complex bridge models.

  • Automatic Plate Generation for Tub-Girder Bridges

Similar to I-girders, now, LEAP Bridge Steel is offering initial plate size generation for tub-girder bridges depending on the bridge span length and configuration. Initial plate sizes, which satisfy AASHTO LRFD geometry checks, are a good starting point and makes the ongoing iteration process for the final plate sizes much easier.

Additional Enhancements

  • Superimposed Dead Load Distribution to Girders

Automatically created superimposed dead loads (such as sidewalks, parapets, etc.) can be distributed with certain percentages to individual girders.

  • Transfer of Centrifugal Force, Pedestrian Load and Temperature Load from Superstructure to Substructure.

  • Wearing Surface Definition

Wearing surface limits, unit weight and thickness can be defined, and the corresponding wearing surface load is automatically calculated and applied to the girders.

  • Load Rating Report Enhancements

More detailed and intuitive load rating reports are introduced.

Bug Fixes

This release fixes the following issues:

  • Incorrect bearing spacing in skewed supports for substructure design
  • Error in automatic “Self Weight Slab” load creation for multiple simple span models with single stage deck placement
  • Graphical error in 3D viewer for tub-girder bearing locations
  • Incorrect material unit weight for lightweight concrete

For the detailed release notes see the attached PDF file.