What’s New in LEAP Bridge Steel CONNECT Edition V18 U2?

LEAP Bridge Steel CONNECT Edition V18 U2 contains following minor enhancements and bug fixes:


• Transfer of appurtenances from OBM
• Transfer of cross-frame connection plates from OBM

Bug Fixes
This release fixes a few issues including:

• Error in field splice design per LRFD-8 regarding tension yielding on net section
• Error in field splice design per LRFD-7 regarding the calculation of web splice plate width
• Malfunctioning of wind load dialog box when “User Input” is selected
• Defect at rating reports where zero flexural rating factors are reported at supports (instead of infinity)

Note:This product version utilizes CONNECT Licensing, which is not supported by SELECT activation key(s). CONNECT Licensing features new behavior to enhance your organization’s user administration and security with mandatory user sign-in via CONNECTION Client to access the application. If you are already signed in to the CONNECTION Client, you have met this prerequisite. If you have not, please refer to the Administrator's Resource Center and/or contact your administrator for assistance in the registration and sign-in process.

For the detailed release notes, see the attached PDF file.