What's New in OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition, 2018 Release 2 (August 2018)

This topic summarizes the new enhancements in OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition, 2018 Release 2.

The version # of this release is

  • Primary Enhancements:
    • Select footings and abutments, identify terrain and compute earthwork excavation volumes. Generate quantities report including cost.
    • Improve model geometry accuracy by manual input of concrete haunch thickness measured at CL of beam, at both start and end of beams.
    • Reintroduced an option to rotate concrete beams, either automatically to follow slope of deck or based on user input angle.
    • Improved handling of common piers between units is now supported, including automatic bearing seat height computation.
    • New option to orient cross frames and stiffeners normal to top flange on steel girder bridges.
    • Option to place MicroStation cells as custom piers. Assign analytical properties for transfer to analytics.
    • Several changes to improve placement of auxiliaries, to make the process simpler, and similar to options from the V8i version.
    • Additional tools added for Clash Detection (under Utilities), Superelevation (under Civil) and Terrain tools (under Civil)

  • Additional Enhancements:
    • Under Beam Report, OpenBridge Modeler now shows the haunch elevation and thickness at the center, left and right ends of the beam.
    • Several new Texas DOT beam sections have been added. X-Beam, Decked Box beams etc, including transfer to analytics.
    • When the tendons are brought in from RM Bridge to OpenBridge Modeler, the length of the tendons is shown in properties.
    • New input for simpler, faster Balanced Cantilever Segmental bridges.
    • Lines showing positions of Crossframes and Stiffeners are drawn at elevation 0. Could be useful for plan production.
    • Show decoration option to draw transverse lines showing position of Deck Elevation Report points at elevation 0. Markers are drawn in 3D, at the appropriate deck elevations for verification.
    • The paths to LEAP Bridge Concrete and LEAP Bridge Steel can now optionally be defined in the config file.
    • Availability of new releases now shows up in the CONNECTION Client
    • CONNECT Licensing Adapter is now included with OpenBridge Modeler installation.
    • Platform Updates: •Updated to MicroStation, Power Platform 10
    • Updated to Civil - OpenRoads Designer, Update 4
    • Option to Install LumenRT Designer CONNECT Edition Update 10