What's New in OpenBridge Modeler V8i SELECTseries 3 Maintenance Release MR1

Bug Fixes:


  1. Template Viewer: On newer versions of Windows 10, updated to the 1703 version an issue with template viewer not showing up was fixed.
  2. Fixed an issue with slab deck modeling which was resulting in incorrect deck variation for all spans other than the last span. This was identified as an issue for specific cases, where parametric constraints were used, and multiple spans in a single unit were defined. The end value of the last interval of the variable constraint definition was being considered incorrectly as if it was end value at the end pierline of the unit instead of at the end pierline of the span.



  • Works with new releases of RM Bridge / RM Bridge Advanced / RM Bridge Enterprise v11.01.00.04, LEAP Bridge Steel v17 U1 64 bit and LEAP Bridge Concrete v17 U1 and newer versions of ProStructures V8i releases.
  • Pier Elevation Report: From the Reports tab, Elevation group, click on the Pier icon to generate a consolidated elevation report for all piers and abutments including each individual component such as the cap, column, footing and piles.
  • Transfer Stiffeners and Cross Frames to LEAP Bridge Steel: Stiffeners and Cross Frames defined in OBM can now be transferred to LEAP Bridge Steel along with the all other bridge elements defined using the Interoperability tab options, i.e. Send to LEAPBridge Steel. At this time, the transfer is only one way from OBM to LBS.
  • Pier Definition: Variable Columns: LinearWithSlope option. This option allows the user to specify column length, start and end dimensions, resulting in a slope being computed automatically. Only linear variation is allowed between start and end sections. Based on the height of column when placed with respect to the ground elevation, user can avoid having to compute and enter different end dimensions for the column, and allow OBM to automatically cut the columns to the required height and figure out the required bottom dimensions automatically.

Minor Enhancements:

  • Option to print X,Y,Z report of Deck Elevations in addition to Station, Offset and Elevation type report.
  • Quantities report now shows a pie chart of cost distribution by bridge element
  • Template viewer Background color and Text color settings can be specified in the primary configuration file.
  • Backwall horizontal offset is transferred to and back from LEAP Bridge Concrete.
  • Bearings and Bearing Seats can now be placed on different levels.
  • Minor Terminology change: OBM now uses "Bearing Seats" instead of "Beam Seats".