What's New in RM Bridge CE V11 Update 9 (included in OpenBridge Designer CE V10.08.02) and RM Bridge CE V11 Update 8 Maintenance Release 1?

RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V11 Update 9 (V11.09.00.XXX) contains the following enhancements and error corrections:

  1. BIM Workflow: Revised Model Transfer from OpenBridge Modeler (OBM)
  2. BIM Workflow: Import and Update Build Order for Segmental Bridges Transferred from OpenBridge Modeler (OBM)
  3. Reinforcement Design -Phase II
  4. Australian Code Update AS5100
  5. Plot Element Moment Curvature Diagram
  6. New Element Hinge Action (ElemHinge)
  7. New “Find” Button to Search in the Actions and Tree
  8. AddCon Output List File
  9. Error Corrections

Note: All enhancements are available in OpenBridge Designer (OBD) CE V10.08.02 and error corrections are only included in RM Bridge standalone download (V11.08.01. xx).  Please see the release notes attached for further information. 

FinalReleaseNotes-RM Bridge V11 Update9-July2020.pdf