What's New in RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V11 Update 4?

RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V11 Update 4 contains the following enhancements and error corrections:

  1. Enhanced Interoperability with OpenBridge Modeler (OBM)
  2. FEM enhancements for Composite Cross-sections (Phase I)
  3. New Graphical Engine in RM Modeler
  4. New Licensing Tool
  5. Apply rotation matrix in hydrodynamic element calculation
  6. Database expanded to store bigger variable table input
  7. Enhancements in Superposition Load Case Tracking Action
  8. Enhancements in asymmetric cross-sections
  9. Enhancements in Balance Cantilever Tool
  10. Enhancements in New Cantilever Wizard
  11. Prestressing Tendon in Modeler
  12. Enhancements in GUI
    1. Tendon stressing Marks
    2.  Improve View Options in Modeler
    3. Insert irregular segment points in Modeler