Question for Maximum Support Reaction


Currently I am trying to learn  RM Bridge. And I have some questions to be asked?


First question, for example, if I have around 20 Envelopes case, so it will take a lot of time to find the maximum reaction for one Support. How can I get the maximum reaction from these 20 envelopes cases?  Like in STAADPro, we have summary table that make it so easy to find the maximum reaction.


Second, can I export the load cases from one existing model to another new model, assuming that I want to use the same load case and Combinations in the new model. How to do that?

Third, how to create group for support, to make all Spring Element in one group. For now, I can create group for MG, Group for Column, but I do not know how to Grouped the Spring Element.  I'm trying to view all the Spring/Support in one table  at Analyzer>Result>Envelope.


I really appreciate if you  can answer the question.


Thank you in advance,

  • 1. Similar to STAAD there is an Envelope action TrackSup created to Track the superposition process and generate the list output to make it easy to identify from where the maximum values are coming from.

    2. You can export LC, Comb, etc. to a new model using .tcl, the ASCII file when editing the save command and selecting only what is relevant. Use assemblies, groups and naming with numbers will ease the workload as projects are repetitive. Read the several .tcl's into your next model.

    3. You can create Assemblies with several groups inside and use them as references for viewing results also.


    Marcos Beier