OpenBridge Modeler template preview not displaying????


Windows 10 Enterprise

I am asking this question for a co-worker in our structures department. They recently installed OpenBridge Modeler to evaluate the software. When you open any of the template libraries all information seems to be displayed, but there is no preview

My co-worker talked to a someone in another office and the preview is fine for them. Our installation is out-of-the-box with no modifications.

Does anyone know what may be the problem?

I do have another co-worker in my office who has also installed the software and he is able to see the preview on his PC. I checked the video card and driver. We are both using a Nvidia GeForce GTX 650. The only difference is that his has 2gb of RAM and mine is 1gb. I had a newer driver version so I rolled mine back to match his, but it did not fix it on my PC. The only other difference is the INF File loaded for the video card where he has oem5.inf (Section018 section) and I have oem9.inf (Section018 section). I am not sure if I am able to change that or not.