How to use these two properties related to segmental bridge?

  • For precast segmental bridges the user defines lengths of real bridge segments so the distances between the segment points (stationing) will be calculated, that these lengths are achieved. The lengths are considered between specified points, that are defined by a geometry point in the cross section. The stationing will be calculated from one segment point the next/previous one based on the input length. The cross section at the point may be rotated and stretched. The segmentation will be executed with a calculation inclusive evaluation of formulas. 

    To modify the direction of the segmentation you can choose in direction of stations or against them.

    From F1 Help Segmentation type at a point for Precast segmentation:

    Start Start point of the segmentation. A segment may have different start points.
    Intermediate Several intermediate points follow a start point or precede (s. direction).
    Closure The length of the closure segment will be calculated and have not to be input.
    None A segmentation has not to be calculated. The length results from the stationing.


    Marcos Beier