Modeling of Bilinear spring for rotation

I can not find how to build a modeling of bilinear spring, specially for rotation.

It means that moment and curvature, moment-curvature curve, should be considered.

There is no example.

Anyone could explain me how to make a bilinear spring?

If there is example then it is better.

  • Hi,

    In RM Bridge you can create a table in Analyzer/Properties/Variables.

    Then modify the Spring at Structure/Elements/ElementsType to one of the several non-linear possibilities.

    You can select a stress strain diagram as shown below.

    Apply the Variable name to the rotation in the Specific Values for each DOF- Degree Of Freedom.

    More advanced options are also available.

    Also check the video RM Bridge bilinear springs with hysteretic behavior below:


    Marcos Beier