Result diagram from RM bridge.

Hi all!

I do not understand what are shown on this diagram which is issued from RM bridge.

Are there someone being to able to explain its mean for me, please?

Thank you very much!

  • Dear Thanh Tung Bui,

    This RM Bridge diagram plots the ultimate load capacity check for the selected elements begin and end cross-sections in compression and tension. They are also called limit states of the bearing capacity or Ultimate Limit State - ULS. It's a common proof check against failure due to longitudinal stressing as it accounts for normal forces and bending and is included in most codes as part of the Limit State Design - LSD or the Load and Resistance Factor Design - LRFD.

    For the values of normal forces load shown the diagrams plots the corresponding maximum moments in both transversal directions. Calculations are based at integrations for the maximum ULS in this cross sections where iterations are processed since any non-linear material behavior could be considered. The strain plane is varied until equilibrium is achieved between the acting internal forces and the stress ultimate state limits in the cross section.

    More detailed information about it can be found at RM Bridge Analysis User Guide at Section 15.3 Ultimate Load Capacity Check at pages 350 to 367. 

    Best regards,

    Marcos Beier

    Senior Technical Support Engineer, Bridge

    MSc., Structural Analysis Specialist, Civil Engineer, RM Bridge Enterprise

    Bentley Systems Inc.

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