Arch Bridge - Rm bridge

hello Everybody!

At this time! Can you help me?

How to draw " this member " of Arch Bridge in Rm-Bridge?

Note: only is red lines in the picture. 

  • Hi Due,

    To detail this project I would suggest you to create one additional Axis definitions for each of the transversal truss elements as simple Cross Member and Link as transversal are not enough to detail your elements members.

    So far it's the only way to allow you to apply the Active/Inactive rules necessary to define the created Links inside the Cross Section.

    In this new Cross-Section add Part1 and Part2 as Top & Bottom and the diagonals TopToBottom and BottomToTop with Create Links:  .

    For the diagonals modify the input in Step as 1 (default is 0) and your final model should be like the one below.

    Use as reference the dataset and documentation you can find at File\Examples\Verification Examples and FAQ\ Modeler Link Segments & Truss Modeling as shown below:

    Best regards,

    Marcos Beier 

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