Create PLSYS for ultimate check and fibre stress check in RM Bridge

Hello everyone,

I needs help about create PLSYS for ultimate check and fibre stress check in stages. Like the picture below,

  • RM Bridge CONNECT Edition PLSys can be used to create plots including the structural model with internal force or stress diagram lines for an envelope, while the MACRO function allows predefined standard plots that can be later modified.

    1.) Select „Results/Plot/PLSys” either at the Menu or at the Tree, as shown below:


    2.) Then, use the MACRO function, button at the top right corner of the window, as shown above by the red arrow.

    3.) Select the Superposition plot variant, either with forces OR stresses and hit OK as highlighted below:


    4.) Adjust input as desired by clicking on respective arrow buttons and editing, e.g. for structural model elevation plot with ultimate Mz Min and Max internal forces, change name of the file at Plot input file to create new ones:

     5.) Confirm with Ok to generate PLSys file.

    6.) Eventually enlarge by zooming:

    6.) PLEASE NOTE: the respective PLSys files are stored with the extension *.rm directly in the project directory and are not included in the project TCL file when exporting.

     7.) PlSys can be later modified as .tcl or in the screen GUI, with access at the edit and modify buttons, as shown in the red arrows above.

    8.) The prepared PlSys files can be called up within the schedule using the List/Plot command “PlSys” (then the files are printed out as plot files *.pl in the Default Directory).

    Similar input should be done for the stresses and specific Stress Points must be selected.

    Marcos Beier 

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