Generating Finished Grade Elevation Reports from roadway alignment for widening

We have an existing 3 span bridge that we are widening to both sides. The centerline is straight and then curves midspan of span 2, so the bridge is superelevated and the cut lines along the existing beams are not parallel to the centerline. 

I created an alignment and profile for the widening based on the cut line, created the deck, applied a superelevation shape that I created which was also based on the cut line alignment. We didn't run into a problem until we realized that we will need T-lines that are skewed about the CL, not skewed about the cut line alignment. So, I tried recreating the bridge with the Bridge alignment from the cut line AND the road alignment from the CL. However, the supportlines will not line up with the point that I need them to. For example, in the figure below, I need the supportline to be located where the blue, red, and green lines intersect. Even though the station (based on the CL) is correct, the location of it is not. I also cannot move it to that point as it keeps skipping over.

Is there another way to obtain finished grade elevations from my original model at the exact lines we need it to be? And/or is there a way to have the program read off of the roadway CL correctly?

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