New to RM: Defining Load Locations

I've been messing with alot of particular point loads along a model with alot of broken up elements. It would be easier for what I'm doing if there was a different way to identify where a load falls in a model.

Current Method: Manually identifying in excel where the point load would fall on a given element and using interpolation to find the x/L co-ordinate. EX: elements 1-100 are of varying lengths and are all consecutively numbered to represent a span. I manually Identify that the load falls on element 50 with an arbtrary x/L that relevant to just element 50.

Desired Method: Manually specify a range of elements (1-100 in this case) and specify x/L in terms of the total length of the 1-100 element group and let RM infer the load location on the appropriate element.

Any insight is appreciated. 

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