Understanding Seed File

I am trying to start a new project and need to organize seed files for design models before creating files. We are using multiple Bentley products eg. Microstation CE, OpenRoads, OpenBuildings, OpenBridge Modeler, etc. From My understanding, all the standards should come from configuration and the seed file will be a blank platform to start design which will have a basic setup like working units, views, model names, etc. (which I am not too concern). The only thing I am trying to understand is, seed file for OBM and OBD and all the other software mentioned before have .dgn file. So, What is the difference between those seed file, can I exchange the seed file across different software? If yes, would I miss something? Is seed file designed to work with a particular software package?

For example,

In order to use OpenBridge functions properly, do I need to use the seed file provided with the install? Can I use an existing seed file that I use with Microstation for 3D modeling if units and all other settings are the same?


Jaimin Patel