Place Civil Label

I am running into an issue when I go to place a Civil Label.

It seems to add an extra in-line leader to the cell that is used. is there a way to turn this off? I know it uses a dimension style to add the leader type. My dimension style has in-line leaders turned on, but it seems that this place civil label tool adds a second one (see the top label in the attached photo with the leader highlighted in magenta. Note that there's already an in-line attachment on the leader, which is driven by the dimension style.)

When placing without a leader, it still adds an in-line leader or node of some kind (see the middle label in the attached picture. The arrow is added to the original cell just to show that it is loaded in the "Place Civil Label" tool)

I need it to look like the original cell (bottom label in the attached picture)

any tips on making this work?