Define a roadway based on two alignments in LEAP Steel?

Is it possible to manually define a roadway based on two alignments? I am currently trying to model a 3 span bridge in which the left edge of the bridge is concentric with one alignment and the right edge of the bridge is concentric with a separate alignment. Is it possible to define the 2 separate alignments and profiles and then generate a roadway that utilizes both? The only work around I have come up with is to use one alignment and then just have multiple cross sections showing varying widths of the bridge. The issue with this solution is that the program seems to manually connect the varying width cross sections linearly and therefore will result in inaccuracies where the edge of the superstructure follows a curved segment of the second alignment.  

  • You can model the bridge on one roadway at a time.

    The workaround you had mentioned is only way you model varying width of the bridge.

    in LL analysis we have FEM analysis and different lane setups i hope it helps in increasing the accuracy of the results.

    Please see the attached screenshots for more information.

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