RC Pier: Footing Reinforcement & Exporting Loads at the Bottom of the Footing?

I am designing a Pier using LEAP Steel and RC Pier and I am having two issues with regards to the footing.

1.) Whenever I exit out of RC Pier the Footing Reinforcement I have designed disappears. Is there any way to ensure the designed footing reinforcement saves so I don't have to re-enter it every time I go into the model?

2.) Currently I can only see how to export the Load Combinations at the bottom of the Pier Columns (in the Analysis Tab in RC Pier) into an excel file. When I design the footing the output shows loads at the bottom of the footing. Is it possible to export the loads at the bottom of the footing similar to the bottom of columns? I am looking to send over the axial and moment reactions from the pier design to a geotechnical engineer and they are requesting the loads at the bottom of the footing.

Any help on these matters is greatly appreciated.