Network Configuration issue (OpenBridge Designer/ Modeler)


I am having a network configuration issue which is baffling me at the current moment. Attached, I have a couple of screen shots: one from OpenRoads Designer, and the other from OpenBridge Modeler/ Designer. In moving our files to the network, I made a change to the WorkSpaceSetup .cfg file, and to that file ONLY. This file only reroutes the data storage from the local c:/ default to a a place on our network where our Civil_Organization standards are placed. In both programs, I have access to our standard MicroStation, OpenRoads and OpenBridge data EXCEPT for the fact that the OpenBridge Explorer is not showing additionally accessed dgnlib's from any other area than  the Organization-Civil\_Bridge Default Standards - Imperial\OpenBridge Modeler\Dgnlib\Feature Definitions\Bridge_Features_Levels_Elem Temp Imperial.dgnlib. The CIVIL_CONTENTMANAGEMENTDGNLIBLIST configuration variable for both programs clearly shows that this information is being accessed in both OpenBridge and in OpenRoads, but it actually ONLY shows up in Explorer for OpenRoads. As such, I cannot access any of the feature definitions from my additional libraries within OpenBridge. For both programs installed at their default local drive (c:/), these libraries all show up just fine. My workspace as is installed on our network is identical to the default Imperial Standards.cfg which is installed locally by default. 

As my local and network installations differ by only the location of the Organization-Civil (My_Civil_Organization_Root variable) within the WorkSpaceSetup.cfg file, I am at a loss as to how OpenBridge allows access to some information (element templates, levels, dimension styles, text styles, etc. for all configured libraries) but does not allow access to any other features than what are stored within the Bridge_Features_Levels_Elem Temp Imperial.dgnlib.

Any help/ ideas will be much appreciated.


OpenRoads Designer 2021 R1

OpenBridge Designer CONNECT Edition Version



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