Variables of the placed custom substructure resets to default value when editing other bridge elements


When i place a parametric cell as a substructure on a model and if i modify for example my girders/beams or decks, what OBM does is it also resets the variables i've placed on my parametric cell. Its not ideal since i'm working on a complex parametric cell with alot of variables and if i change something on the bridge, those variables that i placed are being set to its default value and i have to set them again.

One other issue i noticed is that if i added an 'expression' to my variables and place the cell in OBM and change the variable, it doesn't automatically calculate the expression based on the value i input.

Another thing is i created my custom substructure with different levels for each part, but when i placed them and cut a section all of the linework are set to 'default' level which i think is of not a good workflow to use.

I hope the OBM team will take a serious look at this issue because in reality the default templates within OBM is not enough, in my experience we had to create a custom substructure every time because of the complexity of the bridge design.

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