LEAP Bearing Design Reactions

We need to get the service load reactions at each girder for the bearing design. Is there an easy way to summarize all the reactions in one table? We have 7 spans with 9 girders per span so it is unwieldy to pull them out one at a time.


Also, the live load reactions are stated to be per lane without impact. Do they include a multiple presence factor of 1.2 for a single lane?

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    you can use a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. You would need to input the individual reactions for each girder into the spreadsheet and use formulas to calculate the total reactions for each span. You can then use the spreadsheet to generate a table that summarizes the reactions for all the girders.  Dashboard Anywhere

    As for the live load reactions, it's best to consult the specific design code or standard being used for the project to determine the correct multiple presence factor. However, as a general rule, live load reactions per lane without impact do not include the multiple presence factor. The multiple presence factor is typically applied to the total live load on the bridge to account for the possibility of multiple vehicles being on the bridge at the same time. hope so it is useful for you .

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