Bearings on a sloped cap

I have a couple of questions:

1. I have a sloped cap and have different seat elevations between two spans (Elevation difference is 2.5 inches). Is there a way I can change the height of the sole plates for just one set of bearings of the same support line bearing group so that I don't have to use the bearing seats?

2. When choosing to have bearing seats option, the seats are being shown as getting embedded into the pier cap. Is it fixable?

  • Hello,

    For the first question, it is possible to adjust the sole plate height for one set of bearings by using shims or other leveling devices. However, this should be done carefully and with proper consideration for the load distribution and stability of the structure. If the elevation difference is significant, it may be necessary to use different height bearings or alter the cap slope to achieve a more uniform elevation.

    For the second question, the appearance of the bearing seats in relation to the pier cap can often be adjusted using modeling or drafting software. If you are working with an engineer or designer, they may be able to help you make these adjustments or suggest alternative solutions.

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