• How can I identify some of the new Tools in the AECOsim Task Interfaces?

    How can I identify some of the new Tools in my Task Interfaces?

    When you first open the AECOsim Tasks, if this is a fresh install, your Task Interfaces will be displaying Panel Mode, as shown in the product HELP. However, if you are upgrading a pre-existing install, the display Mode set prior will be picked up from your Preference Files. There are changes to some of the Icons within the various Building disciplines,…

  • Handrail placement gets easier in AECOsim Building Designer Select Series 3

    When using the ‘Handrails’ tool in Bentley Architecture V8i, you will notice that not many orientation options are avaliable at the time of placement:

     - After selecting the tool and choosing a handrail type you can place the handrail at the desired location.  The problem is that is not easy to get the handrail to be placed along the stairs… Right? 

    Well, let’s see what AECOsim Building Designer…