• Mechanical Drawing Rules in Drawing Views for AECOsim Building Designer

    You can now use Mechanical Rules in AECOsim Building Designer when creating drawing views.

    From the View Attributes dialog box, select the Mechanical tab under the Building pane and click the “Attach New Rule” icon to add a new rule to the view.  Similar to Drawing Extraction rules, it can be based on Building Elements, Part and Family, Criteria Set, Saved Query, Selection Set and Grouped Criteria Set.

  • AECOsim Building Designer includes Structural drawing rules for Drawing Views.

    As you may already know, the  Drawing Extraction process will eventually be replaced by Drawing Views, in the interim Drawing Views need to be able to perform some of the standard features that Drawing Extraction Manager support, such as drawing rules.

    For example, in the current version of Select Series 1 Structural Modeler, drawing rules do not exist when creating Drawing Views.  However, this will change in the upcoming…

  • Recommended Working Units

    From the Settings>Design File>Working Units pull down menu of any design file in the Resolution category of the Advanced Unit Settings for working units, it is important to note that Positional Units are used as a count to make one sub unit and that the Positional Unit or Resolution represents the smallest possible distance available in MicroStation.  For a metric design file example, a resolution value of 10 could…