• Placing Raceway Using Bentley Building Electrical Systems or AECOsim Building Designer.

    In the Newest Product AECOsim Bentley Building Designer, There is a distinct difference in placement of the tool Interface.

    NOTE: The end results will be the same in both products when identical Raceways are selected.

    There are two ways to place raceways using Bentley Building Electrical Systems and AECOsim Building Designer.You can place them component by component or you can place an entire route on a line or line…

    • Fri, Jan 13 2012
  • Bentley Architecture Vs Revit . . . . who will win the Global race

    The AutoCAD AEC days of the mid 90’s were probably my first foray into Parametric 3D modelling. But as a design tool I found it very stiff and inflexible.  Lots of products have since come and gone. There was a pretty good one called Reflex (not sure what company or if it still exists) but it seems to have died a natural death not having the resources of Autodesk or Bentley. Vector works also seems to be a pretty…

    • Wed, Jan 4 2012