• AECOsim Building Designer Changes to Modify Slab

    Slab Modification is now done using the Modify Slab dialog. This dialog can be found by using the universal 'Modify Properties of Selected Elements' tool (3D Modify Tool Box>Modify Properties of Selected Elements) and selecting the Slab you desire to modify.

    You can also activate the tool by selecting the Slab, Right-Clicking, then selecting Modify Slab.

    The Modify Slab dialog box displays the catalog…

  • Structural Modeler - V8i - STR Report Spreadsheet

    Tool Icon Identifier 

    The STR Report Spreadsheet tool searches your model and populates the spreadsheet template with material and quantity data using a predefined format.  Reports include both Structural Members and Bentley Building elements. The columns are headed by Family, Part, Section Name, and other pertinent data associated with the element. You may notice a small red triangle at the top of many of the columns…