• Filled Architecture Spaces in Building Dynamic Views in AECOsim Building Designer

    A new “Filled Spaces” setting is available in the View Attributes dialog – Building panel – Architecture tab.  When the “Filled Spaces” setting is on, all Spaces in the building Dynamic Views are filled with the Space´s element color.  This option was previously only available in Bentley SpacePlanner when defining a “Thematic Map”.  The “Filled Spaces” option is only…

  • Bentley Architecture Railings

    Smart People,  I have a question that I have been through and through with and I

    have a portfolio due tonight.  Thanks in advanced.


    So anyways how do you put a railing on a stairs?  No problem when it is horizontal, but I can't get an angle

    in the railing.   My grippers allow me to increase railing height, width, post distance, and flip, but no angle.

    So I started working with ACS but still puts the object on its…

  • Modifying Railings in AECOsim Building Designer

    After placing a railing in your 3D model you can modify the railing’s components as follows:

    -Right click on an existing railing and select “Modify Railing” from the pop-up menu.

    -After the Modify Railing dialog box will opens, click on the “Railing Construction Settings” button.

    This will open The Railing Construction Settings dialog box, where you will have the options to select…