• OpenBuildings Designer - Join and Unjoin Tool (Penetration Tool)

    Are you a designer working on BIM interdisciplinary projects? Do you often need to coordinate models, for example create and adjust openings in architectural models to adjust it to mechanical installation projects?

    You may want to get familiar with one of Penetration Tools: Join and Unjoin Two or More Co-hosted Openings.

    The Join option combines two or more cutting elements to create an auto-penetration within the same…

  • OpenBuildings Designer - Exporting models to 3D PDF

    Do you know you can embed interactive 3D designs directly into PDF documents?

    Using Adobe Reader 7.0 or later, you can view, navigate, and interact with the 3D content. One way you can embed interactive 3D designs into a PDF document is through the printing system. Using the Bentley PDF printer driver (pdf.pltcfg) and the Print to 3D control on the Print dialog, you can print interactive 3D design file geometry directly…

  • OpenBuildings Designer - Importing PDF files as vector data

    In OpenBuildings Designer you can import vector data available in PDF files as design elements – eg: Lines, Line Strings, Curves, Polygons, etc.

    Vector elements will display as design elements. If a PDF contains text as vector data, then this will display as Text in the DGN.

    To use this functionality you must set MS_IMPORT_USINGADOBEPDF variable to 0.

    To enable the configuration variable on the User level

    1. Go to…