AECOsim Building Designer includes Structural drawing rules for Drawing Views.

As you may already know, the  Drawing Extraction process will eventually be replaced by Drawing Views, in the interim Drawing Views need to be able to perform some of the standard features that Drawing Extraction Manager support, such as drawing rules.

For example, in the current version of Select Series 1 Structural Modeler, drawing rules do not exist when creating Drawing Views.  However, this will change in the upcoming AECOsim Building Designer release where the rules will be available just like they are now in the Drawing Extraction Manager. This is definitely a step in the right direction for Drawing Views.

To access the Structural Drawing Rules in AECOsim Building Designer, go to View Attributes building pane and select the Structural Tab.  Here you can attach new rules by using the “Attach New Rule” icon, select the desired rule, then click “Add to View” to attach the rule.