AECOsim Building Designer now allows Floor names containing forward slashes: “/”.

When importing RAM RSS files that contain a defined Story whose name includes a forward slash, Floor Manager will now retain the slash in the newly created Floor name. New Floors cannot be created with a forward slash, as this is still an invalid character for MicroStation Models and Drawing Extraction definitions, but when an RSS file is imported the slash is retained in the Floor name. In AECOsim Building Designer you can also now open the Structural Drawing Center when these definitions exist where a Drawing will be created for all defined Floors in the active Building. In the past, if there were any Floors with invalid characters in the name, the Drawing Center could not be opened. New Floors with the forward slash “/” will have a Drawing generated with a space in its name in place of the slash.

Since it is common for RAM SS users to use forward slashes in Story names, this is a major plus since it allows Floor names to match the Story names used in RAM SS and is one less thing to worry about.