AECOsim Energy Simulator – gbXML

The green building schema , refers to as “GBXML” was developed to better facilitate the transfer of building information stored in cad building models , enabling smoother integrations between building design models  and a wide verity of engineering analysis programs and tools.

In this session we will illustrate how a 3D BIM model created in Bentley Architecture can serve for energy analysis by sharing its data via gbXML for use in energy analysis programs.

The AECOsim Energy Simulator is used for creating, loading and saving AECOsim Energy Simulator building projects. New projects can be created by starting a new, blank project, by using saved project templates, by saving projects as a new project, or by importing a gbXML project file.

The AECOsim Energy Simulator maps the gbXML elements types to their corresponding AECOsim Simulator Elements Types as illustraited below.