Applying Plan View Annotation to the 3D Model

In MicroStation SELECTseries3, the Mini toolbar is a type of context menu that displays when you move the pointer over a Marker or a Callout.  The Mini toolbar appears semitransparent at first. Then when you move the pointer ahead over the Mini toolbar, it becomes opaque allowing you to select the tool icons.  The tools in the Mini toolbar will change depending upon the Callouts or Marker selected and the active model type.

One of the purposes of using the “Apply Plan View” tool with the Annotations option selected in the Mini toolbar is to apply any DataGroup Annotations that were generated by Architecture Rules in the Drawing or Sheet model, directly to the Dynamic View Clip Volume displayed in the 3D model.  This is a convenient way of seeing exactly what the actual drawing or sheet will look like, superimposed over the 3D model. 


When you select the Apply Plan View tool with the Annotations option selected, the sheet model that contains the drawing view and annotations is automatically referenced into the 3D model.  Here you can check the drawing title and annotation, such as ID numbers for Windows, Doors, Spaces, etc., without leaving the 3D model.