Bentley Architecture

Sorry: if the question too simple for you, but I found no commentary or clear explanation about this! I don't understand the philosophy of Bentley architecture. I learn this program since 3-4 weeks and sometimes have the feeling the program is 10 year behind other 3D programs and can imagine, that many company use BA really for work in 3D.

What is the different between ACO sim and Bentley architecture?

If wonder my how is BA comparable with other program’s

Question 1

BA                                           other CAD

File                               =          Layer e.g. first level, second level, …..

Floor plan                     =          definition of high coordinate of the level, +- 0.00 , …

Level Display                =          Layer for special stuff like wall, furniture, 2d lines, ….

Master model               =          combine all file’s like fist level, second level, …..

                                                (over drag and drop, put in the file)


Question 2

How I can make a horizontal section and in which file I do this? That means how I can create a floor plan which has a hatch were I can put doors, walls, windows, etc in the h-section. I think it make not sense to do this in 3D model. If I do this like is descript but the fist floor is always a sight from above. I see now hatch no can I put stuff in the wall


Question 3

Why I have an horizontal section and must than design another drawing layer.


Question 4

It is possible to change the arrow like in other programs. To activate parts and always to have a line, that is pain