Placing Raceway Using Bentley Building Electrical Systems or AECOsim Building Designer.

In the Newest Product AECOsim Bentley Building Designer, There is a distinct difference in placement of the tool Interface.

NOTE: The end results will be the same in both products when identical Raceways are selected.

There are two ways to place raceways using Bentley Building Electrical Systems and AECOsim Building Designer.You can place them component by component or you can place an entire route on a line or line string.

 The Create Raceway tool, which is in the Electrical task group within Bentley Building Electrical System and the Electrical DesignTask group in AECOsim Building Designer allows you to place a variety of components as shown. The dialogs boxes below shows the various attributes the raceway can be comprised of, the type, material, cross section and straight, bends, and tee components.


NOTE: These are the same options available in the Create Raceway tool when selected in the preferences dialog.

 The other option is to use the “Convert Lines to Raceway” tool which can convert a line or line string to a raceway component or an entire route. When a line or line string indicating the path of the raceway is selected. The Convert Lines to Raceway Tool will display the following dialog for defining  the raceways configuration