Conducting Solar Analysis


The Solar Exposure Calculator produces both solar radiation and shadowing analysis over a user-defined time period.  This is important in designing buildings for optimum heat loss (or gain) as well as placing photovoltaic panels for energy generation. The Solar Exposure Calculator performs an analysis of the amount of solar exposure that is received during a user-specified time period. It accumulates both the total time (and shadowed) time as well as the solar energy or Insulation (Incident Solar Radiation) received. 

This is a model prior to the Solar Shadow Calculation, note the specified moment of time in the dialog box.

Here is that same model after the Solar Generation Calculation is completed.

The Solar Gradient Scale at the upper right of this display is used to visibly quantify the amount of insolation (incident Solar Radiation) acting on the model.

The Solar Shadow Generator produces geometry that represents the boundaries of solar shadows at a given time allowing the solar impact to be definitively evaluated at that moment. This information is used for evaluating design alternatives and presenting conceptual designs. By generating the shadow geometry for a proposed design at specific times.

NOTE:  Solar Exposure Mesh elements do not display in versions prior to Micro Station V8i (SELECT series 3).