Creating Dynamic Views using Floor Manager definitions in AECOsim Building Designer

When the ‘Floor Plan By Floor Set’ creation method is chosen from the Create Floor Plan tool, the tool settings window changes. Here, all current floor definitions (as defined by the Floor Manager in this example) are displayed in the Floor Selector list box. All floor definitions in the active file are available to define newly created floor plans.

    -   From the Create Views toolbox chooses the Create Floor Plan tool:

-   Select a floor by clicking its checkbox in the Create Plan column. Then, Click “Next” to open the “Create Floor Plan – Floor Selector” dialog box.

Reference Planes (floor definitions) that are selected in the tool settings window (and which display a check mark) are automatically populated and display in this dialog box. This is where floor properties are managed and edited. The floor’s Name and Elevation, as well as its Forward, Cut and Back clip volume properties can be edited by directly selecting the applicable value.

After the selection is complete, create the Dynamic View by selecting the ‘Create’ button as shown above.  The Create Drawing dialog box will open.

Click OK to accept and create the Drawing View.