Creating Section Drawing Views in AECOsim Building Designer by using the Section Callout tool.

There are few ways to access the Place Section Callout tool: From the Building Designer Task Interface simply go to the Main task group and select the Place Section Callout Icon as shown below,  choose the same icon from the Drawing Composition task group, or choose Building Designer > Drawing Composition  > Place Section Callout from the pull-down menus.  The Callout tools can also be opened as a standalone toolbox by choosing the “Open ‘Create Views as Toolbox option.

When selecting the tool to place a Section Callout the appropriate dialog box will open.  Here make sure to select the desired “Drawing Seed” in order to create a Drawing View:

After placing the cut in the desired area in the model (image above), click OK and the Drawing View will be generated:


Every callout tool can perform the creation of a Drawing View when the appropriate Drawing Seed is selected.