Did you know there are different ways to find a building element’s information and change its attributes?

In Bentley Architecture (or any of the building products) if detailed information about the element is needed you can do so by using the Building Element Information tool,  then select the element.  In the Building Information dialog you will find tabs that display different types of element data.   Also, by selecting the “More Info” button from the Building Element Info dialog the elements attributes can be changed.  

Another way to invoke the Building Element Information tool is by right-clicking on the element to open the pop-up menu.  When this menu populates you’ll notice there are two different Element Info tools available;  one is ‘Element Info’(Building) and the other is ‘Element Information’, which is the standard MicroStation Element Information tool.  From the MicroStation Element Info dialog it is not possible to change the attributes of any element that contains building intelligence, however the Level, Color, Line Style and other none building attributes can be changed.  

In the upcoming AECOsim Building Designer release there are a few changes in this area.  When using the right-click menu in SELECTseries3 products you will see that the two Element Info icons are named differently:

1) Properties – this is the standard MicroStation Element information.

-A Feature added to this menu is the ability to change the Display Style of an element to be independent from the view display style.  For example, in the same view one element can be set to be wireframe while the other can be changed to display as illustration, monochrome, smooth, etc. 

2) Building Element Info –this is the Building information tool.

-When the Building Element Information dialog is open, under the ‘Identification’ tab a new icon was added called “Open Dataset Explorer to the selected part”. By selecting this icon it will open the Dataset Explorer with that particular element’s family and part selected/highlighted.